Welcome to Lifestyle Laundry. We pickup and wash your dirty clothes, then fold and deliver them back to you clean all within 24 hours.

We believe in our busy, modern lives that time is the most valuable asset, and we all could use a little more of it. Whether you want time to eat your greens, hit the gym, connect with friends and family, or spend more time on a project you shouldn’t have to waste time on laundry.

Let us help you shift your priorities, and free up time spent on dirty laundry to use on creating a life you love. We’re pretty excited about the possibilities.

Our founders Luke & Sonia Hunter are busy parents of two kids, who live in the tropical Sunshine Coast. One morning they woke up and realised that while they lived in paradise, they had no time to enjoy it. After looking at how they spent their days, they discovered how much time was wasted each week on doing laundry.

They thought about what they would rather be doing, and kicked laundry to the kerb. Luckily, they decided to share their solution and launched Lifestyle Laundry. This means you get to share in the spoils and gain more time to design a life you love.